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Purple/Fuchsia Western Style Suede Lace & Turquoise (D/S) Beads Necklace

Mixed Media jewelry is becoming one of the leading trends and only one's imagination limits what can be used. We used bits of every kind of bead and bauble that held the right colors and you can see the results....a one of a kind piece that no one else will be wearing.  That is the joy of handmade jewelry, only you have the piece.

We used:  

Gemstone Beads 

crystals, lampwork beads, cats eye and other gemstone beads at the end of pure soft purple/pink suede ribbon lace with silver plate chain and hook and eye closer. 

This length  necklace measures 22 inches with long strands of suede  silver plated findings.

Miss Rose's Fashion Advice (or not)

Far be it from Miss Rose giving you fashion advice since her winter outfits usually consist of sweat pants, sweat shirt (color coordinated of course) and furry bear slippers. Summer isn't much better Miss Rose fashionwise since she thinks teeshirt dresses or shorts and flip-flops serve perfectly well. However Miss Rose does have an eye for colors and loves jewelry so she could possibly be called a jewelry fashionesta (if that's the correct spelling for the current slang and she depends on her buyers to know what goes with what thank goodness.


Disclosure Guidelines
For Gem Materials and Gemstones

The American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) , founded in 1982, is an
Association of United States & Canadian natural-colored gemstone
and cultured Pearl industry professionals dedicated to promoting the natural-
Colored gemstone trade. 

The association is a higher standard that the Federal Trade Commission’s guides for the jewelry industry on disclosing colored gemstone treatments. 

In keeping with both  guidelines Rosehill Jewelry will be providing the above information
On the gemstones or pearls we use in crafting our jewelry. 

With the exception of normal cutting and polishing the information below will appear in all of our future listings for items on sale. 

Rosehill Jewelry Beads and Gems Treatment Guide

(ASBL): Assembled products made of multiple layers or combinations of gemstone materials

(B):  Bleached - use of chemical agents to lighten or remove a gemstone color 

( C ):  Coated or coating surface treatment to improve appearance , provide color or add special effects.

( D ):  Dyed - introduction of coloring matter into a gemstone to improve or change the coloring of a gemstone.

( F ):   Filling a by-product of heat treatment with a colorless substance to give a finished and polished look to gemstones.

( H ):   Heating The use of heat to effect desired alteration of color, clarity and/or phenomena.

( I ):   Infilling The intentional of surface-breaking cavities or fractures.

( IMIT:  )  Imitation products designed to imitate real gemstones

( MM or manmade: ) Fabricated products not designed to imitate gemstones - Mixes such as resin & Mother of Pearl to give a pleasing look to a product .

( N ): Natural   Stones which are not currently known to be dyed, colored or heated.

( O ): Oiling/Resin Infusion   Intentional filling of surface-breaking cavities with colorless oil, wax, natural resin or unhardened manmade material into fissured transparent/translucent gemstones to improve appearance. 

( S ):  Stabilization (Bonding):  The use of a colorless bonding agent with a porous gemstone to give it durability or improved appearance…98% of turquoise is sold stabilized.

( SYN ):   Synthetic  (We never go there) Manmade materials manufactured to resemble real gemstones.

( U ) Diffusion:   The use of chemicals in conjunction with high heat to produce deeper color or asterism (star-like) inclusions.

( W ) Waxing/Oiling Impregnation of wax, paraffin/and or oil into porous opaque gemstones to improve their appearance.   (Normally used on many gemstones to improve their consistency and looks. 

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